Porsche people - a few of our faves

Matthew Ammirati is a visionary designer and entrepreneur known for his innovative designs and creative approach. As the founder of Ammirati, a New York-based design agency, he has developed groundbreaking campaigns for major brands, earning a reputation for pushing boundaries and delivering impactful results.

Matthew Ammirati

Daniel Arsham is a renowned contemporary artist who blurs the line between art and design. He creates work that challenge conventional perceptions of time, space, and reality. His thought-provoking pieces captivate both the art world and car enthusiasts alike..

Daniel Arsham

Carlo Borromeo is an accomplished industrial designer known for his innovative and aesthetically striking designs. With a keen eye for detail, he merges art and functionality, transforming industry through his work with top-tier brands like Ferrari and Maserati.

Carlo Borromeo

Robbert Buijs is a Dutch classic car dealer and owner of the Cool Classic Club. He is known for his passion for building a community amongst collectors. With a focus on quality, originality, and authenticity, Buijs and his team offer bespoke services and strive to find the perfect car for each customer.

Robbert Buijs

Jonathan Burford, an expert at Sotheby's, specializes in classic cars and watches. His knowledge and international experience make him an important player in the auction world. As a tastemaker, he helps shape trends and burnish the legacies of iconic collectibles.

Jonathan Burford

Julian Enderle is a German race car driver and Porsche test driver. He has competed in various GT3 and endurance racing series, including the Nürburgring 24 Hours. With his technical expertise and passion for motorsports, Enderle also provides valuable feedback to Porsche in the development of their high-performance cars.

Julian Enderle

Francis Jago

Founded Fingal, the world’s leading automotive marketing agency - with Jeremy Clarkson in 1990 and sold it to a VC-backed media agency in 2007. Since then Francis has consulted for clients from luxury golf resorts to superyacht brands.

Francis Jago

Giovanni Kollbrunner is the managing director at BI Collection Gstaad AG, who are authorized dealers for Bugatti, Mercedes and Porsche.

Giovanni Kollbrunner

Thomas Schulte is the Owner and General Manager of the Classic9 Dealership in Oslo, Norway, which specializes in mint condition classic Porsches.

Thomas Schulte

Richard Tuthill is a British rally driver and founder of Tuthill Porsche, a company specializing in building and racing classic Porsche cars. He has won numerous rally championships and is regarded as one of the most successful Porsche rally drivers in history. Tuthill Porsche is known for its bespoke Porsche builds and has been a key supplier of cars for the East African Safari Classic Rally.

Richard Tuthill

Known as GFWilliams and based in London, he is a world-leading Automotive Photographer, capturing the art of motion and machinery across continents. When he's not immersed in photography, he's under the hood of his fully rebuilt, purple Lotus Exige. A car enthusiast to the core, he also excels in high-end retouching, ensuring every shot is a masterpiece..

George F. Williams