The FlatSix Philosophy

Focus. Expertise. Trust.

We focus on collectible air-cooled Porsches. We are experts at sourcing mint, low-mileage examples. We trust that appreciative collectors will return to us again and again.

I grew up with air-cooled Porsches. When my mother was ready to give birth to my sister, my father drove her to the hospital in a 964. Before heading off to college, I worked for two incredible creative talents in the Porsche realm—painter and sculptor Daniel Arsham, and automotive and industrial designer Carlo Borromeo. These experiences have helped me to build an extensive network within the Porsche community, which now fuels the spirit of FlatSix.

So, what is it about these cars that captivates people? Is it the elegant lines and consistent design spanning six decades? The distinctive sound and sensation of the flat-six engine? Or the unrivalled versatility of a car that's equally at home on the racetrack or at the opera, in the desert or in the mountains? Ultimately, it could just be their indefinable cool!

Whatever their reasons for being part of our community, here are a few of its members. We'd love to have you join us - email me at to get started.

Hugo Hunt, Founder, FlatSix