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10 of the Greatest Drives in California

By FlatSix

10 of the Greatest Drives in California

California is a beautiful state with a variety of landscapes, from stunning coastlines to rugged mountains and rolling hills. With its vast network of highways, it's no surprise that there are numerous drives that showcase the state's beauty. Here are 10 drives in California that you must take at least once in your lifetime.

  1. The Santa Barbara Wine Route Drive is a scenic drive that takes you through the Santa Ynez mountains and into wine country. You’ll be treated with a view of Lake Cachuma framed by the immense San Rafael mountains in the background.

  2. The Feather River Scenic Byway Drive begins just outside of Oroville, home to Feather River, the state’s first designated Wild and Scenic River. The road follows the north fork of Feather River through sheer granite cliffs with thousand-foot drop-offs to the river below. The route offers spectacular views of the Feather River Canyon and takes around three hours to complete.

  3. The Big Sur Coastal Route Drive is a 90-mile stretch of California’s Highway 1 that runs from Monterey to San Luis Obispo. The drive is world-renowned as the best of scenic drives as it follows each twist and turn of the rugged and picturesque California coast. The Pacific Coast along the Big Sur Scenic Drive provides amazing views and photography opportunities every few hundred meters.

  4. The June Lake Loop Route Drive is a 15.7-mile loop road located between Yosemite National Park and Mammoth Lakes/Lee Vining. The road is officially California Highway 158 and is fully paved. The road is two lanes, one in each direction, and joins US Highway 395 at two points, north and south.

  5. The Anza Borrego Desert Route Drive is a 25.6-mile challenging off-road driving route within driving distance of San Diego. The route is located in the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, which is California’s largest state park. The park is located in the eastern part of San Diego County and is known for its wildflowers, palm groves, and rugged badlands.

  6. The Malibu to Lompoc Route Drive is a 116-mile coastal two-hour drive that will take you along stunning Californian scenery. The drive begins on CA-1 on the east side of Malibu Creek Bridge at the historic Malibu Sport Fishing Pier2 The drive is optimal for those who are drawn to the ocean, as it is only a look away during the entire drive.

  7. The Redwood Highway Route Drive is a 175-mile drive between Leggett and Crescent City that takes you through some of Northern California’s most dramatic scenery. The drive is truly one of the great roads in America, where you will experience a stunning landscape of mountains, Pacific coastline, vineyards, redwood trees, rivers, valleys, dining, lodging, roadside attractions and so much more.

  8. The Death Valley Scenic Byway Drive is an 81.5-mile drive through Death Valley National Park on interstate 190. The drive is a gateway to over 3.3 million acres of spectacular scenery, spacious vistas, rare desert wildlife, and historical and cultural sites. The drive takes about three hours to complete and is optimal to drive in the winter and spring, with spring being the busiest.

  9. The Tioga Pass Route Drive is officially California State Route 120, which connects the Western Sierras to the Eastern Sierras through its highest point at Tioga Pass, at over 9,943 feet. The drive is known for its scenic beauty, featuring diverse and beautiful landscapes, from granite cliffs and alpine lakes to expansive meadows and evergreen forests. The drive is 64 miles long and takes about 1.75 hours to complete, assuming you do not pull over for photos or breaks.

  10. The Yosemite Valley Route Drive is possibly the most traveled route in the park and takes you up-close-and-personal with stunning landmarks like El Capitan, which often has climbers on it, and Bridalveil Fall. You can enter the Valley via Wawona Road (24.6 miles from South Entrance), El Portal Road (5 miles from Arch Rock Entrance) or Big Oak Flat Road (17.5 miles from Big Oak Flat Entrance), which merges with El Portal Road near the Valley’s entrance.
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